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Cynthia brought her client to us at Academy Mortgage, and she was more that just a buyer's agent.

Very professional, on her game and we would recommend her to our clients that do not have realtors yet. A pleasure to work with.

Donna Kay

I met Cynthia Silas about 5 years ago from one of our in-house classes and from that moment on we connected and have been friends and colleague since.

Cynthia is a good friend and most of all a person you can trust and depend on. We don't always see eye to eye - however we have that bond that it is okay "to agree to disagree." As a professional, she is dedicated, organized and has a superb attention to detail. She has vast market knowledge, listens to her clients' needs and deals with honesty and integrity. Her most outstanding value is her attitude towards continuous improvement. Cynthia is a great asset to Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage and I am proud to call her my best friend!

Tita Samonte Garcia

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